Pre/post-surf beach yoga flow

Yoga class on the beach
Teaching a pre-surf beach yoga class in A Coruña, Spain. Photos in this post are taken by Jonathan Gipaya

If you’re looking for a pre-surf or post-surf yoga sequence, you’ve come to the right place.

This sequence was designed using the basis of a power (vinyasa) yoga sequence but modified to focus on stretching specific muscles used in surfing. According to SurferToday, the main muscles used in surfing are the “triceps, biceps, deltoids; the trapezius, rectus abdominis, latissimus dorsi, and obliques” (aka arms, shoulders and abs)!

The sequence is also toned down from a regular power class to leave the yogis feeling relaxed and rejuvenated (and ready to surf!) as opposed to fatigued after the sequence. The majority of the sequence is seated or on the knees with only one standing series.

Through my knowledge and experience as a certified power yoga and yoga sculpt instructor from CorePower Yoga, as well as my own research online, I put together this sequence. I found it effective and fun for the pre- and post- surf beach yoga classes I taught in Spain (one of them in Spanish, but that’s another story).

Pre/post-surf yoga sequence (~45 mins)

Beach yoga class in sukasana
Easy seat (sukasana) with hands at heart center


  • Easy seat [sukasana] – Root down, mountain arms, hands to heart center – eyes closed for intention setting (optional), introduce breathing
  • Right hand to left ear bringing right ear to right shoulder for a gentle neck stretch – repeat on opposite side
  • Child’s pose [balasana] – Assist waiver (ask students to raise a hand if they do not want hands-on assists)
  • Child’s pose side stretch, bring right hands to right edge of mat for side stretch, repeat on left side
  • Thread the needle on right and left side
  • Table top – Cat/Cow flow
  • Table top – Lift right leg and flex toes, bring toes in sand/on mat to stretch calf, repeat on left side

Surf Sun A (3x)

  • Downward facing dog [adho mukha svanasana] – Peddle out dog on each leg
  • Rag doll – hang/sway – softly shake and neck head
  • Mountain pose [tadasana]
  • Forward fold [uttanasana]
  • Halfway lift [ardha uttanasana]
  • Modified chaturanga = High plank on knees – Lower down to low cobra for back stretch
  • Repeat above two times linking breath to movement (faster pace), on the last set, hold your hands behind your back in cobra for a chest stretch

Surf Sun B (2x on right and left side)

  • Downward facing dog
  • Three legged dog (right side first set, left side second set)
  • Crescent lunge, drop to back knee
    • First set of sun B – triceps stretch in crescent lunge – left arm on left side then right arm on right side (see first photo below)
    • Second set sun B – abdominal twist in crescent lunge – twist right on right side and twist left on left side (see second photo below)
  • Modified chaturanga (repeat on left side)
Crescent lunge with triceps stretch on right side
First set of Sun B – Crescent lunge with triceps stretch on right side
Crescent lunge with abdominal twist on the right side
Second set of Sun B – Crescent lunge with abdominal twist on the right side

Core strengthening

Sit, take a quick water break then get into abs. Abs are always more fun with upbeat music (a three minute song will do the trick)!

  • Basic crunches – 24 crunches
  • Bicycle crunches – 24 crunches
  • Boat pose [navasana] – 30 second hold

Triangle Series (1x right and left side)

The peak of the class and the only standing series of this sequence.

  • Downward facing dog
  • Three legged dog (right side first set)
  • Warrior I
  • Warrior II
  • Triangle pose
  • Wide legged forward fold
  • Modified chaturanga (Repeat series on left side)

Hip Opening 

  • Downward facing down
  • Half pigeon – right leg then left leg

Spine Strengthening Series

  • Cobra pose
  • Floor bow or cobra with hands clasped behind back
  • Prone lying shoulder stretch – right side then left side
  • Camel pose
  • Easy seat [sukasana]
  • Bridge pose
  • Reclining bound angle pose [supta baddha konasanaupta]
  • Seated forward fold
  • Reclined spinal twist [supta matsyendrasana] – right side then twist to left side
  • Happy baby pose [ananda balasana]
Camel pose
Camel pose


  • Corpse pose [savasana]  2-3 minutes for recovery
  • Fetal pose
  • Easy seat [sukasana]


Tips for teaching the best pre-surf beach yoga class

Since this could be your students’ first yoga class and is in a beach environment, see my tips below:

  • Say the pose names in English (or whatever language you are teaching in) and avoid only using Sanskrit as many of your students might not be familiar with it
  • Demonstrate postures in front of your students since there won’t be a mirror available on the beach
  • Have fun! And don’t forget to smile 🙂
Matt surfing in A Coruna, Spain
Matt catching the first wave of the day – Thanks to my pre-surf yoga class 😉


The class pictured in this blog post was for out of town wedding guests before a surf lesson. If you’re interested in how to teach a memorable class for wedding guests, I’ve got the blog post for you!

Thank you to our rad friends Liz & Lois (Base Surf Camp) for organizing my surf yoga classes in Spain! Thank you to the talented Jonathan Gipaya for the photos!


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