Journey through Grief

This page is dedicated to my amazing mom, Nancy – who passed away in June 2016 after battling ovarian cancer.


This page is dedicated to my fabulous friend & travel partner-in-crime, Sarah – who passed away in July 2014 after battling Ewing sarcoma (a rare bone cancer).


I want to share my experiences and journey with grief because I know writing about grief can not only be helpful and healing for yourself, but it can also be helpful to read and learn about others going through similar experiences. My hope is that I can help touch someone as well, and maybe they won’t feel as alone.


From my personal experience, I have learned that grief is not something that ends, but changes and evolves over time. It is not linear and does not make sense, it comes in waves and bursts. “They say it gets better with time,” and I find that it does soften and change with time. How much time isn’t something anyone can tell you. Grief is personal and powerful, both crippling and courageous.

I am not a therapist, counselor, or doctor, just another human who is living with grief and sharing my experiences. I will be vulnerable, I will open my heart as it heals, I will share my stories through this blog.


Journey through grief blog posts:

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