Tumalog Falls – Unique and massive

Tumalog Falls
Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls are gorgeous and massive, not only in height but also in width. They are relatively easy to access and there is one large pool for swimming. They are the most unique of any of the falls we visited in Cebu.

Tip: Get there early (or maybe late) to beat the crowds! Several tour groups visit these falls throughout the day, but it seems most visit from 9-11am. Most tours include Tumalog Falls as their second stop in the morning after swimming with whale sharks in Oslob.

Tumalog Falls

Unfortunately, we didn’t follow through with our own advice and had a later start this morning, so we arrived with the masses. We woke up early to try to catch the sunrise (we were still jetlagged on day three), but it was raining at that time so we didn’t hit the road as early we planned. Luckily the rain stopped after the sun rose and we had blue skies for the falls.

In Tumalog Falls
Lots of tours visit Tumalog Falls in the morning (see behind us)

We got lost again heading to these falls thanks to incorrect directions on Maps.me (usually we love this app but for waterfalls in Cebu it led us astray several times). But they are easy to get to if you head up the correct road and follow road signs (instead of your cell phone). There is a big parking lot at the top (no one asked us to pay to park there so we believe it is free) and then we walked down the short, paved road on a very steep hill to the falls. For those who don’t want to walk down the hill from the parking area (or up on the way back), there are locals offering rides on the back of their motorbikes for 30 pesos each way (you could try to negotiate as well).

Exploring the little coves and waterfalls alongside Tumalog Falls

We enjoyed swimming in the pool and climbing on the rocks into coves under the smaller waterfalls. Since it had rained earlier, the falls were pumping water and there was a strong wind that day, the whole area was misty. That made it hard to take a photo on anything but our GoPro, since our Lumix G7 is not waterproof.

What we paid: (rough conversion is 50php to $1 USD)

  • Entry Fee – 20 php per person (40 php total)

Total = 40 php (less than $1USD)


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