Valparaiso photo diary

P1050145 (2).JPGWe spent a sunny afternoon wandering the artful hills of Valparaiso without an itinerary or agenda. My nose was glued behind my camera clicking away at colorful corner. We ended up with hundreds of photos, you’ll find our favorites below (in chronological order to follow our day).

P1040694 (2).JPGOur first couchsurfing experience – in a fourth floor walk-up near Valparaiso’s Plaza Victoria.p1040718Fuel for the day’s upcoming adventures – pita and Kem (pineapple soft drink).p1040720Escalator artwork – our first taste of Valparaiso’s famous street art.P1040725.JPGWe walked along the water, not nearly as glamorous as we envisioned (it is fenced off and houses an active port full of cargo). We realized we had to go back into the city and of course, up into the hills. This gorgeous building drew us back into the city streets and away from the industrialized waterfront.p1040738P1040739 (2).JPGP1040741.JPGAt first a little hesitant to head up the stairs past this sign (being that we are American tourists) with the accompanying real live dog lying in the middle of the staircase…but we soon saw a walking tour heading down the same flight of stairs and Matt quickly befriended the dog – we were in the clear.P1040747.JPGP1040755.JPGp1040767P1040770.JPGP1040781.JPGSometimes you have to stop to smell the flowers. Truth be told, these ones didn’t have much of a smell – I’m just a really good actor.P1040790 (2).JPGAnd then I was out-modeled by a stray dog.P1040798 (2).JPGBut that didn’t stop me from trying to model – I’m not a quitter. Unless it’s my job so I can travel the world – okay so I just trapped myself in a (colorful) corner.P1040873.JPGP1040879 (2).JPGP1040894.JPGP1040897 (2).JPGP1040899.JPGp1040911-2Super excited to see a sign for yoga classes – unfortunately not on the days we were in Valparaiso.P1040929.JPGWe noticed much more PDA in Chile than we are used to seeing in America – and it has no age limits. From an elderly couple to preteens to this middle age couple in an alleyway.P1040931 (2).JPGP1050006 (2).JPGFisherman’s gonna fish.P1050013 (2).JPGP1050019.JPGp1050022-2P1050023.JPGP1050024.JPGP1050036.JPGP1050027.JPGP1050052.JPGP1050058.JPG“How much is that doggy in the window – the one with the waggle-y tail”P1050066.JPGMajor side eye from the iguana – totally judging our selfie.P1050132 (2).JPGP1050124.jpgP1050138 (2).JPGP1050143 (2).JPG

10 thoughts on “Valparaiso photo diary

  1. Great overview and pictures of my alma mater city, Valparaiso. A little different than the town in Indiana. Amazing first leg of your journey…. Live, love and laugh!

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  2. Wow Wow Wow….from a cat with 2 different eye colors to all the colorful architecture……almost as if I was there with you (darn I wish ….) xoxoxox


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