My yoga journey

p1020237-2Although a longtime wearer of yoga pants, my true yoga journey didn’t begin until May 2013. I had returned home to Washington broke after living in Australia and needed something to break up my endless days of job searching.

I took my first hot yoga class at a gym and believed that it must be some form of torture, but recognized the health benefits so I decided to stick with it. My diet was bleak and my exercise level was minimal at best, so I could endure the torture to “balance” my bad habits. A few weeks later I accidentally ended up in a hot power yoga class, and although I was terrified I absolutely loved the teacher and the practice.

Hot yoga became a rewarding release that helped clear my mind and cleanse my body. At the same time, I was taking a barbell class (body pump) at my gym a couple times a week. I loved the strength I was building through the weight training and the flexibility I was gaining through my hot yoga practice. When my mom was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer, my practice became a safe space and sacred time for myself.


The positive impact yoga had on my life was tremendous and I vowed to one day become a yoga teacher so I could share this positivity with others. One thing that stood out to me about my favorite teacher was that she remembered my name (along with other students’ names), which made the practice more personal. I knew that was something I wanted to incorporate into teaching someday, to make it my goal to remember and use everyone’s name in class. 

Fast forward to the following year with a “real” job secured and a new apartment in Bellevue – I was still practicing at my old gym but bouncing around with monthly Groupon deals for yoga studios nearby. Then I found CorePower Yoga and yoga sculpt. That put an end to my Groupon yoga affairs, I had to commit to CPY (Black Tag baby!)

Yoga sculpt combined everything I loved about my old workout routine (hot power yoga, weights, core work & cardio) but fit it into one fun, dance party of a class! I jumped at the opportunity to take Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training in Bellevue in the summer of 2015 and finished the extension program before fall. I began teaching in October of 2015 with the intent to motivate and empower my students to believe in their strength, achieve more than they thought possible (you kick your own butt in class, I’m not the one kicking your butt!), and to be the best version of themselves.  


I loved teaching and practicing at CorePower and wanted to deepen my practice and knowledge of yoga both as a teacher and student, so I signed up for the 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training in spring of 2016. PYTT exceeded my expectations. The commitment was challenging and intense, but equally rewarding. I totally geeked out on yoga (yamas & niyamas are my jam!) and found a deeper sense of community and support within my training group.

I was part of the coaching staff for yoga sculpt teacher training and power yoga teacher training in 2016.

My goal has always been to travel and teach yoga, so I hope to teach during our travels. Regardless of the physical practice, I hope to spread light and love not only to my students  but everyone I encounter.


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