I have been fishing for as long as I can remember. Whether it was going to Montana to fish the Missouri for huge rainbows and browns, going to Vancouver Island for Chinook and as many bottom fish as you can catch, all the way to fishing in a local pond every day in the summer with my friends for bass and perch. It was part of my childhood and has continued to be a passion of mine as I have grown up. I have always been the type of person to want to try new fishing spots, so when we finally started to plan for this trip I knew I wanted to bring my fishing gear with me.


When Krista and I were talking about doing this trip, there was no way I wasn’t bringing my fishing gear. Several of our first destinations are home to some of the best water in the world to catch trophy trout (Patagonia), the only issue is we are each only bringing one backpack and are packing light. This is when the idea of bringing the fly rod came up. I have done many hours of studying different areas around South America, as well as what to bring in these windy and unpredictable conditions. The major factors I also had to consider were weight and packing size since I have to fit everything inside of a 70-litre backpack. This is what the list came down to:

  • 6wt Cabelas Stowaway 6 rod. I got this because it breaks down into 6 pieces so that I can store it in my backpack. Another reason I got it was because it can cast a wide variety of flies.
  • Two 6wt reels by Cabelas with disk drags. These are both spooled with 150 yards of backing just in case I get into that once in a lifetime fish.


  • 7-9 foot leaders ranging from 2x-5x with 50 yard tippet spools in each size as well. This is also for the wide variety of fishing options available. And for those huge trout!
  • WF floating line, intermediate sink tip line, and class XI sink tip line.
  • About 300 flies for different conditions that I may get throughout our trip. These are anything from your basic terrestrials and dries to big articulated streamers for when there are hungry browns around (will go into this more later).
  • Floatant, tippet rings, pliers, pinch weights, and other small basics just in case.


As for locations, I will essentially be fishing anywhere that I can depending on regulations. There are a crazy amount of private waters in Patagonia only open to the guides so I will be fishing where I can essentially. This is also why I brought a large number of flies and tippets so I can fish lakes, rivers, creeks, and anything between. Specific locations and pictures will be coming soon!